This inverted Ti2 microscope comes with a monochrome Qi2 and a color Ri2 camera, both of which can image 25mm fields of view and are excellent for imaging large fields of cells or tissue for stitching. This system also includes a OkoLab stage-top incubation system for live-cell imaging.


This system has an autofocus system and excellent DIC for live cell transmitted light imaging from 4x to 100x magnification. Additionally, with an automated stage and advanced acquisition software, it works well for imaging 96 and 384 well plates. The size of the imaging field is also a huge advantage. The A1 confocal field of view is only 324 mm^2, but this system has a 625 mm^2 field of view, almost twice the size and larger than what we can see through the eyepieces. This means that you can acquire areas with half the number of images, and it runs much faster than any of the confocal systems that we have on offer. Finally, deconvolution of the images after acquisition will increase Z-resolution to near that what is obtained by a confocal.


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